Canon EOS3, handheld
Sigma 105mm macro

Fuji Provia 100F
1/30 second at f4

For now
Atlantic ghost crab Ocypode quadrata

Though I like it, this is an image that I've been wanting to redo. Atlantic ghost crabs (Ocypode quadrata) are, at least when small, excellently camouflaged to blend into the sands where they live and forage. On our first trip to the beach together, The Girlfriend and I came across this little specimen early in the morning; she (just out of the frame) cut off its retreat while I sprawled on the sand for the shot. And ever since then, I've been wanting to do it sharper, with more of an expanse of sand around it, and preferably smoother sand at that. Envisioning these kind of things can make the difference between a snapshot and a print suitable for framing, but it always helps to do it when you have the opportunity, and not after you've returned from the trip.

That was over ten years ago, and since then, I've been in the realm of ghost crabs only a few times, and never when the conditions were right. So I'm still waiting to redo this shot – I didn't really think it would be this long...