Canon 300D
Tokina 19-35 at 19mm
ISO 400
1/500 at f11

Giving the right impression
Sanibel Island seashells

Sometimes, forced perspective and viewing angle can make a photograph give an impression entirely different from reality.

This isn't one of those times.

Sanibel Island on the Gulf Coast of Florida is known for being a beachcomber's delight, where vagaries of the surf and geology cause vast numbers of shells to wash ashore on the beaches there. I wanted to capture this effectively, so I chose a very low angle and a wide focal length to show near and far. This mound of nothing but shells is roughly three meters (10 feet) wide and at least eight meters (25 feet) long, and it's not alone in the least. The red shell with the barnacles simply served as a good focal point.

And as you may have already discovered by accident, holding the mouse pointer over the image displays what happened less than a second afterwards... ;-)