Canon Elan IIe, tripod.
Sigma 105 EX Macro
Fuji Provia 100F
f8, 1/60
The things a photographer does...
autumn leaf waterdrops

While wandering around some waterfalls in northern Georgia, I liked the way the water droplets and the light worked together on this leaf. Problem was, it was in the middle of a very rocky stream.

I eventually got the framing I wanted by mounting the camera upside down under the tripod on the reversible center-column, just a few inches above the rocks and water. Lotta fun looking through the viewfinder, but I'm thankful the camera settings are repeated there so I didn't have to try and read the LCD window on top, now facing the water.

See? You wouldn't imagine what had to happen to produce the image above, would you? Makes you appreciate it all the more now.

Either that, or you're muttering "All that for a crummy picture..."