Canon 300D, handheld
Tokina 19-35 at 19mm
1/100 at f6.3
ISO 100

university lake autumn colors

Aside from the obvious attraction of bright colors (and I really don't know why we all seem to have that), there's a suspicion of mine that we're attracted to autumn scenes, and most especially photographs, because of the depth they evoke from the contrast between the trees. Taken in the summer, this view of University Lake in Carrboro, NC would be a mass of only slightly varied green, and depth would have disappeared in the photo. Here, each tree becomes an individual and some of the layers of the canopy become apparent. The clear morning with the deep blue from the water only helps it stand out.

North Carolina is home to way, way too many ugly longneedle pines, which are not pretty trees, so I'm always aiming for shots where their contribution is at a minimum.