Canon Elan IIe, handheld
Sigma 105 EX Macro
Kenko 2x converter
Fuji Provia 100F, pushed 2 stops
f8, 1/125 second
brown anole Anolis sagrei

On a slow day at Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island, Florida, this guy and I played tag around a tree at the head of Shell Mound Trail, providing several good photo ops. It also allowed me to test out both Provia 100F pushed two stops, and using the macro lens with a 2x teleconverter. Both performed better than expected.

This is a brown anole (Anolis sagrei), an introduced species that is more prolific now than the indigenous Carolina anole. This one is typical, about 10 cm (4 in) long including tail.