3D (FDM) Printing Projects
Lenshood on 3D printer platform

Are you a 'maker?' If you're into 3D printing, or simply know the neighborhood geek kid that can do such projects, this page may be for you. These are some of the 3D printing projects of my own design (or remixed from others, which is actually encouraged in the community.) They are ready-to-print .STL files, but some tweaking may be necessary, as usual.

Note for makers: These are on an FDM printer, obvious from the photos - I have not attempted them on a resin printer and cannot offer any input regarding those. Yet.

Right now I'm just linking to my own listings on Thingiverse.com, to save a little effort - more details are there. No membership is necessary, and really, the site has a ton of stuff, so poke around and go wild. You'd be amazed at what can be found there.

Canon 18-135 STM lenshood remix

As it says, a remix of a design by laurent_despeyroux, a wide and deep hood that doesn't intrude into the frame. Fits on bayonet-style like the original.

Large lenshood for Canon 18-135 STM lens

Adjustable sight for hot shoe

Inspired by two other designs, though created from scratch. This is a 'quick sight' used while your eye is away from the viewfinder, for instance when shooting video - it allows you to keep a moving subject largely centered while also aware of the surroundings. Adjustable vertically and horizontally for precise matching with the lens. Includes an offset shoe mount for accessories like a video mic, or not if you prefer.

Adjustable telephoto sight for hot shoe

Arca-Swiss grip for telephoto lens

I can't tell you how much easier this makes wielding a monster lens, especially if you're shooting video and thus using the LCD on the back of the camera. It attaches to a standard Arca-Swiss style quick release plate (or the tripod foot on the Tamron 150-600 G2,) and as you can see, I use it on a 200mm plate to put the support as far forward as possible.

Please do not use it as a carrying handle - I'm not vouching for the strength of any material used.

Grip for Arca-Swiss plate on telephoto lenses

More will be put up as I go along - I've got the bug now. Feel free to ask any questions, directly or through the Thingiverse site (where others can see it.) I'm still a novice at this, so commentary and critiques are welcome.

Will I make these for you? That all depends. You should know that a good fit on some of them requires handling the camera equipment they attach to, so I can't provide a perfect piece, but if you're willing to do the necessary sanding/filing, you can always ask. I'll charge for it, of course, but the material itself is remarkably inexpensive.

I hope any of these might provide some use to you. Good luck!

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