monochrome Key Largo sunrise

Sunrise on Key Largo. During a photo trip, I'm normally out and about before sunrise, looking for a decent setting to work the sun into. In this case, I was on the Keys Highway looking for a good vantage point with some kind of foreground interest. I found a place to pull over and wandered down to the water's edge among the rocks, which provided the foreground detail. This turned out to be an excellent choice, because it mimicked the clouds that morning and gave a lot of overall texture to the resulting frames.

The original is in color, and pretty colorful at that. But again, B&W seems to evoke more mood from it, more of a stormy feel. This was taken the morning after this shot, which made for a productive trip.

monochrome stormcloudsLater on when updating this gallery, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to keep the above image or go with another in the same vein, and eventually decided on both. So here's the other choice.