'Space Coast' is actually the nickname for the area of Florida that I used to live within, as close as it is to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center and launch areas. It was from there that all of the space shuttle flights took off, and it still hosts quite a few smaller launch vehicles bearing satellites and high-altitude test equipment.

Further south on the same coastline, an entire fleet of spanish galleons ran aground and spilled its expensive cargo in 1715, thus establishing the nickname of 'Treasure Coast' for that area. Just for some Florida trivia...

No, most of these really don't fit into the genre of nature and wildlife, but I grew up on the space program, and having been this close to it all is something I couldn't ignore, so hopefully I can be indulged. This is a smaller gallery, composed of the few launches I've been able to witness and some nighttime images captured over the years.

Mission STS-112: Shuttle Atlantis
October 7, 2002
Mission STS-113: Shuttle Endeavour
November 23, 2002
Other Launches