Repost: You don’t look a day over eighty

This is cheating, I know, and especially lazy when the posts have been so thin lately. I could have just linked to it while providing new content, but I find the original from last year to be pretty complete. Plus I’m not sure who actually follows links…

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It’s… literature

Walkabout podcast – It’s… literature

By the time I finish this post, the article making the rounds may have already died its internet death, in which case I’m either resurrecting it or in denial (I’ll let you judge.) I’m referring to 20 Books You Pretend to Have Read, a post over at Book […]

You don’t look a day over eighty

So not only is today the summer solstice, but also World Humanist Day – which is, admittedly, an odd thing. Not in that I believe we shouldn’t bother with it, but in the implication that there’s only one day to consider or celebrate humanism. It’s like having a National Don’t Set Your Neighbor On […]