Three of three

Getting back now to posting about the second trip down to Jordan Lake and the, what, twelve pics that will accompany it? And it was a slow day, but I’m also cheating a little.

Right as I was bundled up to leave, through the back window I heard a red-shouldered hawk (Buteo lineatus) calling, obviously quite close. Since I had the camera more-or-less in hand, I tried slipping quietly read more

Planning produces failure

Oh yes, oh yes, another holiday has come around, and hopefully you are totally unprepared for this one, because it’s Fuck Foresight Day, the day when we discover (hopefully, except, well, you know what I mean) that we didn’t think about consequences when we should’ve. If you’re on top of things running behind like you should be, you have no plans read more

Tripod holes 39

N 25°56’36.64″ W 81°28’12.33″ Google Earth location

There was no question that this one was going to enter the lineup, and I purposefully stalled it to appear today, within two days of its 24th anniversary. This is on slide film so I only have the date developed, but I remember this trip fairly well and know I was further north on this date, because reasons – read more

Two of three

No, I didn’t go out to the lake for more photos, and it sure isn’t happening today as the side effects from Tropical Storm Ophelia have produced rain for about sixteen hours straight. I just realized that some of the photos from that last outing didn’t really fit in with the others (of which there are still plenty,) so I broke them off. Someone once told me raptors and arachnids read more

One of two (or maybe more)

These are images from the first of two visits to Jordan Lake this week, and I’m not absolutely sure there won’t be a third before I finish the post for the second, but even if not, there are a serious number of pics. So let’s get started.

These are from Monday, which was more active yet still not as much as I’d hoped – I don’t expect anything to read more

Coupla portraits

Just a pair of portrait perspectives taken yesterday – nothing deep or meaningful.

Late yesterday morning I was surprised to find a hummingbird clearwing moth (Hemaris thysbe) remaining perched on the blossoms of one of the butterfly bushes (which I keep forgetting are now Buddleja davidii, and not Buddleia – quite an annoying change, to be read more

Tripod holes 38

N 35° 8’35.12″ W 75°53’9.32″ Google Earth location

Ocracoke Island, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, is an interesting place, and on several visits I saw this exact same tableau – I couldn’t tell you exactly when this particular image was taken, but sometime in the early nineties is close enough. There was something evocative about it to me, and when you read more

This evening, even fartsier

Again, sunset looked promising, so to the neighborhood pond I went. Again, sunset didn’t live up to its promise, so I chased a few other pics while there.

Notably, the bats were active, and while I had only the 18-135, I got a couple of frames that worked. You get to decide which crop works best for this one, though – vertical?

Or, horizontal?

I was just winging it (heh!), read more

No chimping!

Isn’t that what Mama Celeste always said? Something like that, anyway. And you have to be a certain age to even have the faintest clue what I’m talking about…

I went down to Jordan lake today, for the first time in weeks, because really, it’s been too hot to do so otherwise. It was plenty hot today, but not quite “pass out after 30 minutes” hot. I didn’t read more

Tripod holes 37

N 41°28’33.98″ W 83°17’53.35″ Google Earth Location

We needed an Ohio one in here, and I liked this grab shot from 2014. The Manatee and I were returning from a game creators convention (he is, I’m not) and checking out some of the bike trails that he intended to be using read more

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