You’ve overstayed your welcome, February

Despite purchasing the extended plan like an idiot, February has now come to the end of its warranty period, and so as it starts to suddenly make a terrible noise and leave an ominously-stained puddle beneath, we turn to see what abstract image will play it off stage. Why, it’s… this:

I did no alterations to this one other than cropping it tighter – otherwise it’s read more

Just once, part 9

This is one that I find a little surprising, in that it’s only appeared once here, and probably not a whole lot more often in my stock either. This is a six-spotted tiger beetle (Cicindela sexguttata,) and they’re not only fairly common, they’re obviously quite easy to spot – chances are, if you live in most of the eastern US and spot something bright read more

Enough with the eagles

Mr Bugg and I had another outing to Jordan Lake yesterday, because we’re both intrigued about what might be happening with the eagle pair. The above image is not one of the pair, but a 2nd-year juvenile that nonetheless came much closer than any of the others, and thus provided a better image to open with. What follows will be from much greater distances.

Immediately upon arriving, we could read more

And a crayfish, briefly

National Wildlife Day, which was yesterday, was actually a pretty nice day for February, nicer than February actually deserves because it’s in winter and also spelled stupidly. And since I had a photo outing scheduled, I succeeded in getting plenty of photos of wildlife, if by ‘wildlife’ you mean ‘birds,’ with one exception. A moderate variety of birds too, at least read more

Just once, part 8

So not only has this species only appeared once before here, I’ve only seen them once in my entire life (in the wild anyway,) despite the fact that they’re supposed to be quite common. So I was delighted to spot this eastern kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula) just snoozing out in the open in a heavily wooded spot alongside Jordan Lake, but it also was amazingly read more

These might work

Just so you know, Thursday (February 22nd) is National Wildlife Day, so call in sick that day and go find wildlife, even if it’s captive wildlife in a zoo or nature park or something, but preferably really and for true in the wild, which means outdoors. Now, c’mon – how many of your coworkers failed to show up the day after Super Bowl or some such rot? read more

Living in the past XXIX

Things are still slow on the nature photography end, and even I won’t post about hashing out designs for the 3D printer (there – we found a limit to what I’ll post happy now?) So I’m bringing up one of the entries I had in reserve, if needed, to bring the count up last year and make a meaningless anniversary, while we wait for more current items of interest.

2016 read more

Just once, part 7

This post has changed a bit. First, I had a subject that I realized would fit better later on in the year, and so I rescheduled it. Then I chose another subject, but as I was finalizing that draft, I noticed that it was going to post on a holiday, and thought I might be able to find something more appropriate, and pushed that one to next week. So at least we now have something read more

Wait, you’re not green

While grabbing something out of the yard tonight by the light of the headlamp, I happened to check out the backyard pond, because it’s reasonably warm and raining, which is usually enough to stir any resident frogs. And sure enough, at least one was sitting idly in the shallows, but another might have skipped into the water at my approach. So I went back inside and got the read more

Just once, part 6

It’s not particularly surprising that this critter has only been featured once here, since I stumbled across it at the beach along New Topsail Inlet, coastal North Carolina. I’ve been to the inlet itself several times, including one short snorkeling excursion, but it appears that vagaries of currents and conditions drove several examples of this species close to, and read more

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