You can’t escape

Normally, I avoid the ‘popular’ news items (or, for that matter, nearly all news items) because frankly, there are enough sources for such out there and I certainly don’t need to offer my two pfennigs, much less jump on any bandwagon, and I have established my own typical subject matter herein anyway – stay in your lane, kind of thing. At this point in time, however, the read more

Just once, part 5

The age of this photo is not just displayed by the condition of the negative (which has even been cleaned up a bit from the original,) but by the perch of the bird here, my roommate’s rack for holding cassette tapes – those are not my music choices. Are there even some cassingles in there? Anyway, I peg this around 1994 or so, and I believe it represents the latest image read more

Two down, or up or something

Just a small moment of triumph, kinda. With the reformatting of the main computer under Ubuntu Studio now (a form of Linux operating system,) I had to reinstall several different things that I’d been using, and among them was the MIDI keyboard. MIDI is just a musical interface to take an electronic input (such as a small read more

*Grumble mutter blaspheme snarl*

I’ve mentioned before (probably too many times) that I switched over to Linux Mint several years ago and have been largely happy with it. Far more stable and problem-free than any version of Windows that I’ve used, completely free of forced upgrades and intrusive or proprietary horseshit. There was a learning curve, certainly, especially with getting the MIDI keyboard working on it, read more

Oh, yeah, September

Rather abruptly I realized, just a short while ago, that it was the last day of September and thus time for the end-of-month abstract. Only thing was, I didn’t have anything in mind, much less prepared, and couldn’t do a lot to remedy this situation, because the computer has once again gone spacey and I’m in the process of unspaceying it. So we’re going with read more


Today is apparently a holiday of sorts, or at least one of those days that seems to merit special attention solely because of the numbers that represent it: May 4th, or, “May the fourth be with you.” Star Wars Day. Granted, there isn’t much that goes on, save for social media and the occasional post (ahem,) but you know, even that would have been read more

Those ugly signs

Nobody likes getting old, which means we deny the signs too often, trying to pretend it’s not happening to us, or not as fast as it is for others. But occasionally the evidence rears up and attempts to bite our noses off.

Back in August I was on an outing and spotted several snakes, considering myself pretty sharp-eyed for finding them, and featured the images herein. Yet just as I was going read more

[Vague, confused noises]

It was a few years back that I decided I wanted a gallery of latest images on the website, primarily stuff that wasn’t featured on the blog, but also just a demonstration, to those only visiting the image galleries, that I was routinely producing new content even while the galleries themselves weren’t being updated. Updates to the galleries tend to be spaced pretty far apart, because read more

You gotta be kidding me

When I started video editing, I went through several different programs trying to find one that worked reasonably well – twice, actually, because I began on a Windows system before switching to Linux and having to do it all over again. All of them had issues of some kind, but Kdenlive had the fewest, and the rendering options read more


I haven’t been shooting much recently, and a longer post in is the works but might be some time yet, so we have a little trivia for the moment.

The post title was the topic of a photo challenge thing I was participating in nearly twenty years ago – god I’m old (it just doesn’t seem like that long ago, but this is from 2004, so…) The premise was, every two weeks we’d read more

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