But this one did

Not every project that I tackle comes to fruition, and I’m forced to abandon more than a couple (like the tracking motor to use with the eclipse, for instance.) But, as the title says, this one did.

For the record (Hah! I keel me!) this was the previous incarnation of it mentioned within the video. But here’s what I was dealing with this time around:

I have a decent audio recorder, and read more

Distributed far and wide

I had planned to have a couple of posts pop up in this past week and was working towards some nice little presentations, but many things happened to prevent this and I simply did not have my shit together even slightly, thus the post title.

Foremost in there was something in recognition of World Migratory Bird Day, specifically some video, but I was having a devil of a time getting a decent audio read more

Love is in the weeds

Went over to the neighborhood pond tonight because the frogs were sounding off exuberantly while I was chasing another subject back home (which you’ll see soon.) By the time I wrapped up what I was already doing and gave the headlamp a quick charge, the frogs had quieted down a bit. A spider was the first thing I photographed, but the second thing that I captured was a pair of eyes watching read more

And now, the ospreys

Plurals among the animal kingdom are always fun, and occasionally up for grabs. ‘Prey’ is a collective term, but bears no relation to ‘osprey,’ and so the plural of that is ‘ospreys,’ even though I’m probably none too consistent on that aspect myself. The plural of ‘ibis,’ as I recently checked, can be either ‘ibis’ or ‘ibises,’ read more

Too cool, part 53: Two comets

For reasons unknown, I never went looking for these after returning from the trip, but I also never had any such images pop up anywhere in my usual haunts, so I suspected that no one got anything worth keeping. Until now, that is.

Astronomy Picture of the Day features someone who actually got comet 12P/Pons-Brooks read more

Ze Frank is back… again

Yes indeed, we have more True Facts from Ze Frank, and this time, they’re about shrimp. Not one of which has anything to do with eating them, either.

Naturally, I can’t let it go at that, because ego. Plus the fact (true) that I’ve had two of the varieties that he featured close at hand, when I maintained a basic saltwater aquarium during my tenure in Florida. The first would be read more

More trouble than it was worth

This is just a handful of pics and video clips from the summer that I stalled on, and finally got back to when I needed to keep the post count up. Nothing exciting here, but reasonably successful macro videography anyway.

I recall it being during the sweltering season, so even at night I was sweating just standing there, but the air was reasonably still, which was good because all the action (I use read more

Does this count?

Despite the fact that it remains the summer months, I have not been as active, photographerically, as I should be, because of the heat – time outdoors is kept to a necessary minimum. This means nothing but local subjects, and you’ve seen enough of them (unless you haven’t? Let me know.) Instead, I’ve been engaged in other projects, some of which you may see shortly.

So I will read more

Out of proportion

Boy howdy, peanut-brittle and sausages, do some of these posts take way more time than they really should! But I’ll go into that later. Right now, we have a simple (!) follow-up on the anole front.

After finding the adult Carolina anole (Anolis carolinensis) snoozing in the oak-leaf hydrangea in the previous post, I’ve been keeping an eye on that particular lizard, because it’s read more

More pleased than many would be

Trotted over to the neighborhood pond this evening to see if the sunset would pan out, and keep an eye open for wildlife, especially water snakes because it’s that time of the year. The sunset was total crud, but I was successful with one goal, anyway, finding a pair of northern water snakes (Nerodia sipedon sipedon) right smack in the path ahead of me. The light was fading fast but read more

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