Profiles of Nature 58

The combination of rituals, lucky talismen (talismans? Whatever, we don’t care,), cutting foods ending in “S” from your diet, and talking backwards on Tuesdays failed to work, because we’re here again with the Profiles! Right when you were thinking, Maybe. Just maybe…

Today we have Caleb, up well before he ever wanted to be and quite sure the breeze read more

Does this count?

Despite the fact that it remains the summer months, I have not been as active, photographerically, as I should be, because of the heat – time outdoors is kept to a necessary minimum. This means nothing but local subjects, and you’ve seen enough of them (unless you haven’t? Let me know.) Instead, I’ve been engaged in other projects, some of which you may see shortly.

So I will read more


So, here’s the thing about fate and causality: if you know something is supposed to happen, is it better to simply let it happen and not screw with the trouser legs of time and multiverses and all that jazz, or attempt to prevent it from happening and defeat causality and potentially kill yourself and all mankind because Fate is a butterfly that might be eaten by the garden read more

Lazy swapping

I know people keep going on about this and it’s a bit tiresome, but it really is lazy to just swap out “ne” for “ly” and consider it a whole new month. “August” and “September” I can get behind, two entirely different words with almost nothing in common you know you’re making changes when September comes around. With these read more


I realize we’re in a culture that has more causes, charities, campaigns, and fundraisers for various ills than we can ever tabulate, and that this one is likely to pass under the radar, but seeing it in person is simply devastating. I’m talking, naturally (as always,) about Help Arthropod Color-Blindness Day, which is tomorrow (June 30th, in the Northwestern hemisphere read more

Profiles of Nature 57

You tried praying to a different god this time around, didn’t you? Thought you might have figured it all out, but we’re back now and shot that hypothesis to hell…

This time around in Profiles we have Jorgeanne, only the Spanish pronunciation so it has nine syllables and sounds a bit dirty. Jorgeanne obviously overdid it a bit with the lip injections you read more


Today is apparently a holiday of sorts, or at least one of those days that seems to merit special attention solely because of the numbers that represent it: May 4th, or, “May the fourth be with you.” Star Wars Day. Granted, there isn’t much that goes on, save for social media and the occasional post (ahem,) but you know, even that would have been read more

Can’t be assed

Seriously? Another holiday? But yes, as I look at the calendar, I see there’s something else to celebrate today, though I simply don’t have the inclination to pursue it in detail. Today is Token Appearance Day, possessing a rich history and some very specific ways of recognizing it, which I would enthusiastically tackle if I could tackle anything enthusiastically right read more

Dittyday 8: They Might Be Giants

Oh my, oh my my my, this one’s liable to be polarizing, or it might be if I had readers anyway. This band is notorious for, if nothing else, earworms, songs that stay with you for a very long time, but I’ll readily admit this might be a bad thing if they’re really not your thing – I think they accomplish the ‘catchy’ part without necessarily getting to the ‘likeable’ read more

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