Oh thank you

After spending far too much time seeing countless online displays of American hubris and mindless patriotism for the holiday yesterday, I ran across this little gem.

While I’m not familiar with the specific episode, I feel obligated to say that this is Diane Morgan as her character Philomena Cunk, the host of a few shows that interview various historical experts while being read more

Saved for today

Yesterday was one holiday, and today is another (don’t ask me who schedules these things without any breathing room): National Where The Hell Did This Come From? Day, and I’ve got a nice example for you, discovered in the back yard here at Walkabout Estates.

First off, ignore the brown wormy thing, which is just a millipede that was passing through as I snapped the image. read more

Profiles of Nature 60

It’s been exactly five months since the previous Profiles, so we’re definitely overdue, and we’re not buying that you haven’t fully recovered from that one you have undoubtedly noticed that we’ve avoided saying “last one” and likely suspect there’s a reason for that.

This Profiles we have Abelard, who self identifies as an influencer, proudly read more

Exactly/mostly as feared/intended

I don’t know who comes up with these holidays, I really don’t – it’s makes little sense to celebrate something so banal. Why don’t we have National Spaghetti Day or Stay Away From Seattle Day while we’re at it?

[Oh. We do.]

But anyway, today/yesterday is/was Encounter Extraordinary/Rotten Luck Day, and since there read more

Ze Frank is back… again

Yes indeed, we have more True Facts from Ze Frank, and this time, they’re about shrimp. Not one of which has anything to do with eating them, either.

Naturally, I can’t let it go at that, because ego. Plus the fact (true) that I’ve had two of the varieties that he featured close at hand, when I maintained a basic saltwater aquarium during my tenure in Florida. The first would be read more

You can’t escape

Normally, I avoid the ‘popular’ news items (or, for that matter, nearly all news items) because frankly, there are enough sources for such out there and I certainly don’t need to offer my two pfennigs, much less jump on any bandwagon, and I have established my own typical subject matter herein anyway – stay in your lane, kind of thing. At this point in time, however, the read more

Boy, do I feel better!

I’ve been dreading the arrival of this day, but now that I’ve unloaded it all, this huge weight has lifted from my mind. Not that you need to be told, but today is ‘Fess Up Day, the day when we reveal some secret hidden deep within the recesses of our hearts, festering away, and thus unburden ourselves for improved mental health. Or set ourselves up for a week read more

Pop Park

That’s right, boysengurls, another holiday has emerged from wherever holidays go where they’re not here – Des Moines, perhaps – and so we welcome it with open source and a glad bag, because it’s MacArthur Muzik Day, which means that we must work at least three quotes from the lyrics of Pop Muzik or MacArthur Park into our conversations read more

The debt we all owe

One of the things that we get to do here is recognize the unsung heroes of our world, the ones who by all rights should have a holiday of their own but have somehow been missed. And today, on the 75th anniversary of the first time he was laughed at in public, we review the contribution of Bumfester Chugtrollop, the inventor of the photographer’s vest.

First, we need a little history of the read more


It’s slow right now, with nothing to see, no reason to go out, and so on. About the best I can say is that the avocado trees (three of them, all started from pits) are absolutely delighted with the greenhouse and have been growing exuberantly therein. I almost wish I had done a time-lapse sequence of them…

But otherwise, there’s little to appear here, and so, I’m tackling read more

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