Profiles of Nature 41

Nothing stops the relentless march of the Profiles of Nature! Though you could try paying us off – we’re not gonna rule that out…

This week we have Carol, Harvey, Vicki, and Lyle, a quartet of acrobats that go under the name of ‘The Flying Antimacassars,’ though no one has had the nerve to ask them why, or cared. They were hounded and forced into performing by their read more

No one looks forward to this

… even the people that benefit the most from it – you’ll know why in a second, or if you’ve been paying attention to the past years’ posts on the sidebar there.

Yes indeed, Friday, October 15th is National Grouch Day, so you have plenty of time to prepare read more

Intermission, part 2

I’m in the middle of a long post right now, worrying about it too much given the number of visitors to this site, but that’s my own neurosis. Meanwhile, I followed a link to a video clip that was quite amusing, but it was hosted on [urgk] Twitter I attempted to embed it here (with full attributes and links, mind,) but all that occurred was a direct Twitter read more

Profiles of Nature 40

Know what? You’re a crybaby. Cry, little crybaby. “The Profiles of Nature just won’t stop! Waah! Waah!” Little crybaby…

This week we have Bimasha, the last photo of her on stage before she stepped off the edge and fell into the orchestra pit, breaking three different legs (and a pedipalp) and getting billed for the damage to the woodwinds section. The lesson is, stay read more

Profiles of Nature 39

No, the Profiles haven’t ended yet, but hey – we’re on a schedule, so you at least have a little warning, or can pretend Thursdays don’t exist, whatever it takes. We could be doing this at random, more times a week even. Be grateful for what you get.

This week we meet Groft Smiel, seen here during filming and contemplating which method of eviscerating his foe would cause him read more

It’s been too long

Really, we should be celebrating this at least every year, but perhaps a couple of times each, it’s that good of a holiday. Of course, I’m talking about Beware of Strangers Baring Gifs Day, which we somehow missed last year, and I do apologize. Hence, read more

Profiles of Nature 38

Yeah, we just passed the autumnal equinox – we still gotta get past the solstice for all this to be over, so buckle in becau-… oh, yeah, you’re still strapped down from January anyway. So on we go.

This week we get to meet Tuyet-Hanh and Ighomuedafe, clearly ardent environmentalists who, uh, embrace their defense of the woodlands a little too enthusiastically – read more

Pure thoughts and clean living

They had nothing whatsoever to do with my success early this morning, so I honestly don’t know what to credit it to, except that everything else sounds like superstition so I’m going with pure dumb luck. But while it was still raining lightly, I went out with the headlamp to check on erosion control measures and did a quick review of various haunts while out there. I found two green read more

Profiles of Nature 37

Yes, it’s Thursday already. Listen, you had all week to prepare, don’t be whining now.

This week our feature model is Lyudmila, and why do so many feminine names end in ‘A?’ Is this, like, Italian or something? Did we just brand ourselves as racist or some shit? Anyway, Lyudmila is seen here checking the pits, nervous before going out on stage for her part in the Broadway read more

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