You want trivial? I’ll give you trivial!

Don’t ask me why I’m doing this, because I don’t know myself, but it’s better than doing drugs. I suspect, anyway. Herein lies a collection of trivia, backstories, and inside jokes regarding the Profiles of Nature posts – not every one, mind you, so it won’t be that long. But it’ll probably be long. If you like any kind of social read more

I don’t mean to tag, but…

Hoo boy, yesirooty! It’s that time of the year, the time when we rub your face into the cold, boring weather and the lack of interesting subjects by doing the ol’ tag roundup! In case you’re new here, I’ll point out that tags are the little topical words attached to posts…

“I know what the hell a tag is, Sunshine,” you may say derisively, but I shoot read more

Profiles of Nature 52

52?! Really? Does this mean…?

[We ain’t saying nothing.]

This week we find Riantsoa, breaking the fourth wall while her partner Barguy judges the window treatments. We wonder now why it’s referred to as the ‘fourth’ wall, since in most cases there are, technically and theoretically, no others it should be the first or only wall, the read more

‘Tis the season

Yes indeed, another holiday rolls around… what? No, not that holiday – the day before a holiday isn’t a holiday itself, for christ’s sake! I’m talking about Capture Something Inadvertently Day, which is at least productive in some way. And no, you’ll never find anyone celebrating Capture Something Inadvertently Eve, unless the holidays get totally out of hand.

Now, read more

Profiles of Nature 51

We know – you’re looking at that number up there and hoping, praying that this is just a year’s topic, and we can only grin evilly and think to ourselves, That’s what you get for praying…

This week we have Æðelflæd, demonstrating the power of professional makeup since she’s actually a pufferfish, moreover, one that you wouldn’t give a read more

Not quite on top of it

I had gotten involved in other things this morning and wasn’t playing close attention to the time, and then suddenly realized that I was missing the solstice! So I grabbed the camera and dashed out to snag the shot, to salvage what I could.

This was actually nine minutes past the solstice time of 15:59 UTC, and as you can see, the sun is a few hundredths of an arcsecond higher read more

Profiles of Nature 50

Back again – if nothing else, we always have the Profiles! Now isn’t that a warm and fuzzy for you?

This week we make sure we greet Silas by name, as we catch him cheating on his widely-espoused churro diet – we debated about either hitting him up for hush money or seeing how much the tabloids would pay for this shot, and then asked, “Why not both?” read more

Profiles of Nature 49

By now, you’ve determined that there is no way to sneak a peek around the corner of a blog to see if a post really is here without it noticing you in return, so you might as well stop embarrassing both of us with even trying. It’s Thursday, we don’t miss deadlines, and we certainly aren’t inclined to have any mercy and give you a break. Just the thought of it makes us want read more

Profiles of Nature 48

As we close in towards the end of the year, now is probably not a good time to tell you we’re having so much fun, we may continue the Profiles indefinitely, i.e., endlessly. Eternally. In fact, we’re thinking of having kids just to carry on the legacy – why should rich assholes be the only ones that get to do this? Hell, we’re already choosing names…

This read more

Profiles of Nature 47

Yes, it’s another Profiles, perfectly timed to ruin your holiday! Why count on family to do that? Sometimes they disappoint us by failing to disappoint us. That’s why we’re here like Andy Kaufman, we never fail to bring the pathetic and painful misunderstanding of what humor is!

This week we have Massimiliano (the one on the right,) who’s not a model per read more

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