Alas, not this year

Zefrank is back with his Animal Awards (actually I’m not sure this isn’t the first, but he still returned, from wherever he goes when he’s not actively posting videos, and we’re torturing idioms now I believe,) and while I didn’t win the award for “Nature Photographer I Want To Party With,” I have to respect his choice. So without any standup monologue read more

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I apologize for failing to give more warning of this, but today is IMDB Day, referring to the popular Internet Move Database website at “Database” is just one word, not even hyphenated, but “” had already been snagged by the band Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark when they weren’t looking closely at what they typed. For those readers read more


It’s funny, the internet router here at Walkabout Studios has been on the fritz lately, but only on the wireless end – it apparently doesn’t like my smutphone. Every time I return to the office/digital lab/recording studio/workshop/corner desk, it refuses to provide a valid IP address to my TracFone™ unit, which is set to connect automatically and use the wifi when there read more

Profiles of Nature 56

Hey, we went over a month this time, and it’s been a year since the topic should have died yet we only have four extra episodes, so don’t go complaining.

This Profiles we find Justus demonstrating why birds should never daydream, at least while flying – we swear we saw a Batman visual sound effect flash for a moment when this happened (it was, “Kabash!“) read more

Tag me with a spoon

It’s that time all my readers have been waiting for (if I had any, though if I did, they wouldn’t): the annual tag roundup! Yes, again – we’ll keep doing this until I run out of good puns for the title. Go on – I fed you that one.

In the Walkabout Universe, tags are not just categories of topics or commonality, they’re also brief sardonic commentary on read more

Odd memories, part 27

Doing some scans tonight suddenly reminded me of this little anecdote from something like 25 years ago, and this certainly wasn’t my childhood – god I’m old.

Back then I worked as an on-site caretaker and bookkeeper for a humane society, and I owned a pair of birds at that time, both adopted from the animal shelter: a cockatiel named Rio, and a conure named read more

Profiles of Nature 54

Life isn’t fair, and it’s not even well-balanced. We can’t try to get philosophical and consider it a test – that’s just lame. We’re here with yet another Profile after we thought they were dead and gone, with no dramatic, heroic denouement to occur. Deal.

Today we meet Hrisovalantis (‘Hrisovalantisbusbyberkeleydomperignon’ to his read more

Not even a work day

Well, not for maybe 50% of the work force, anyway. If you have to work that day, well, make the most of it.

Once again, just when things are looking their darkest, the holiday rolls around – yes, tomorrow is National Grouch Day, and we all know who we are – now read more

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