Just once, part 24

My one and only encounter with this species was just under 11 years ago, and while I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, I’d prefer not to find it the way that I did. This is the larva of a saddleback caterpillar moth (Sibine stimulea,) and those contrasting colors are there for a reason – somewhat self-defeating given that the species likes being on the undersides read more


Just the last handful of photos from Tennessee and New York, no real theme to be found.

We didn’t do a lot of sightseeing or exploring on this trip, partially because we had to spend a lot of it traveling, partially because it was freaking hot in Tennesee. On Wednesday I believe, we moseyed over to David (Davey) Crockett’s Birthplace State Park, just to poke around a bit, but read more

I’m tired of ‘May’ puns…

… but it’s the end of the month anyway, so let’s see what that entails from the nonsense tradition of month-end abstract images that got started by accident, shall we?

Why, it’s the sunset on part of the Gatsby mansion that I’d stayed in on previous visits to central New York – not this time around (I was on my brother’s couch instead, read more

Had the potential

While spending a few days in Tennessee last week, a wicked thunderstorm rolled through (as it did for much of the east coast,) and I made the attempt to get some lightning photos. I was borrowing my brother’s tripod since I’d left mine behind – I know this sounds like poor planning, but the trip was to drive him back up to NY since he’d injured his shoulder and couldn’t read more

Just once, part 22

This week we have a female common yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas) – I believe, anyway. It was the closest match that I could find, but since there were no males in evidence, I won’t say that I’m 100% certain (the males being more distinctly colored.) read more

Flanking turtles

Last week, I announced that the 23rd was World Turtle Day, but also that I’d be unlikely to do anything about it that day – this was because I knew I’d be traveling, and in fact, all of last week’s posts were written ahead of time and scheduled for certain read more

Saved for today

Yesterday was one holiday, and today is another (don’t ask me who schedules these things without any breathing room): National Where The Hell Did This Come From? Day, and I’ve got a nice example for you, discovered in the back yard here at Walkabout Estates.

First off, ignore the brown wormy thing, which is just a millipede that was passing through as I snapped the image. read more

Just once, part 21

While I would be totally chuffed to have obtained such a pic of a bobcat (Lynx rufus) in the wild, alas, this is not the case, and this was taken in the NC Zoological Park, part of the reason that it’s only appeared once before. The other part is that, while I’ve seen bobcats twice before to my memory, both times were fleeting and far too brief to bring a camera read more

I leave it up to you

Thursday, May 23rd, is World Turtle Day – but I’m sure you already knew that, at the very least from reading it here several times before. This time around, however, I am unlikely to have any free time that day to pursue it in any form, and will have to catch up later, so I’m putting this read more

Profiles of Nature 60

It’s been exactly five months since the previous Profiles, so we’re definitely overdue, and we’re not buying that you haven’t fully recovered from that one you have undoubtedly noticed that we’ve avoided saying “last one” and likely suspect there’s a reason for that.

This Profiles we have Abelard, who self identifies as an influencer, proudly read more

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