I don’t mean to tag, but…

Hoo boy, yesirooty! It’s that time of the year, the time when we rub your face into the cold, boring weather and the lack of interesting subjects by doing the ol’ tag roundup! In case you’re new here, I’ll point out that tags are the little topical words attached to posts…

“I know what the hell a tag is, Sunshine,” you may say derisively, but I shoot read more

Out at the same time

Checking the cupboards over carefully, it appears that we have not only used up all of our December, we finally made it through the family-sized box of 2021 as well – don’t you love it when they both run out together? So to celebrate, we have our end-of-month/end-of-year abstract.

I really should let you figure this one out on your own, because you look like you’re read more

Getting out of the projects

I’ve mentioned, ad nauseum, being involved in several projects, and most of those had a deadline of either christmas or The Girlfriend’s birthday, which means that most of them are done now, so I can devote a little more attention to other things. Among these have been installing three new sets of lights – actually four, but one was more for my use – and doing some read more

What the deuce?

For psychological reasons that no one has fully fathomed yet (or maybe they have, and I just never looked it up,) we get some kind of satisfaction, even a little thrill, from meaningless numbers that nevertheless form a pattern. In that vein, I am letting you know that this is the 2,222nd post on the ol’ Walkabout blogoblob here. I just popped one of those little holiday crackers read more

Chances are…

Naming this post that probably wasn’t the best idea, because it immediately makes me think of the song by Johnny Mathis, which predates me significantly, but was one that my mother liked (I think – memory may be bad.) I thought it was older than it is, but it was released in 1957 which is well after the time period my parents’ would have found it most influential, and in fact they read more

Younger Me was better

Seriously, I have no motivation to go out and chase photos, partially because there’s little to shoot and the weather hasn’t been that cooperative – while it hasn’t been terribly cold out there, I’m noticing it more this year for some reason (probably that “old” thing,) and so haven’t felt like trying to find subjects. There remains the read more

Dittyday 5: Chris de Burgh

Yes, we’re still wallowing in the eighties music, and I say that up front so you can heap scorn and go back to listening to, I don’t know, some misspelled artist of some kind. There was a particular quality to music from the eighties, and I’m fully aware that I may be saying that because that’s when I first got seriously interested in music. It’s also the time when read more

Just because, part 44

Still a bit slow here, still involved in non-photography things, so one last one for November, because it’s here.

This one’s been in the blog folder for ages, originally brought in for purposes now forgotten and obviously never used then. It dates back from 2003 or 2004, from Florida, a little discovery when exploring off of a short path to a fishing dock. I always found read more

Shouldn’t be once a year at least

Today’s holiday should not only occur much more often, it would have helped tremendously if it had at least popped up a day earlier. Today is Never Assume That Someone Else Did It Correctly Day, the day when we carefully consider projects, repairs, upgrades, and the like from the standpoint that maybe the person before you was a nitwit. Since I’m in the middle of home read more

Gonna be a challenge

So let’s look at the ol’ personal progress chart, shall we? Here’s where the stats for Walkabout stand right now.

Last year’s number of posts was a new record at 233, which has already been beaten handily – we’re at 263 (um, 264) right now, so easy victory there.

For images, however, it’s a different matter. Last year set a record for those too, at 1,037 uploaded, read more

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