Judge not, lest

It’s no secret that I think very little of spectator sports, unable to get involved in watching someone else throwing a ball around, and the concept of an athlete’s ‘personal best’ is remarkably silly – “I set a new record against myself,” yeah, w00t. I also couldn’t care less about people’s daily meals or restaurant experiences and don’t read more

Ah, cool!

A small package arrived today:

A little less than a month to arrive, I believe. They’d originally e-mailed me and said that due to demand, there would be a delay and they’d forward a tracking number when it shipped, then I never heard anything further. Yet here we are.

In case this is confusing, the initial post about it is here. Order yours today!

Two little stories

One year ago today, Russia invaded Ukraine in a phenomenally stupid attempt to re-absorb the territory as their own, so this seemed the best time to post this (given as how I forgot about this little featured aspect until just recently.) Like most of the country, I stand 100% behind Ukraine in this regard. Until the invasion, I knew Putin was a return to the totalitarian mindset maintained throughout read more


It’s funny, the internet router here at Walkabout Studios has been on the fritz lately, but only on the wireless end – it apparently doesn’t like my smutphone. Every time I return to the office/digital lab/recording studio/workshop/corner desk, it refuses to provide a valid IP address to my TracFone™ unit, which is set to connect automatically and use the wifi when there read more

Tag me with a spoon

It’s that time all my readers have been waiting for (if I had any, though if I did, they wouldn’t): the annual tag roundup! Yes, again – we’ll keep doing this until I run out of good puns for the title. Go on – I fed you that one.

In the Walkabout Universe, tags are not just categories of topics or commonality, they’re also brief sardonic commentary on read more

Roped in

Back when I worked at an auto-parts store, I was familiar with the idea of the tinkerer, and even worked with someone who had a “Tuner Cult” decal on their car. In essence, it the person who is perpetually working on cars, improving, upgrading, tweaking this that and the other thing because if there’s any room for improvement, they can’t rest until this has been read more

Living in the past XII

This one goes way back before the origins of this blog, only not really – it’s been featured here before, though I’ll let you figure out when. And while The Manatee gets credit for the photo, twice really, I’m responsible for the carnage you see here. Truth be told, this is a crass Photoshop job despite all evidence to the contrary, despite read more

Yes videos: Kinda polar opposites

The 1980s were this curious time in the pop music biz, because it became virtually necessary for bands to create a music video for anything that they wanted to become popular, which was controversial in itself – a lot of artists didn’t care for the medium, didn’t like the idea of making little movies, didn’t have good ideas, resented that the rules had changed, and so on. read more

Odd memories, part 27

Doing some scans tonight suddenly reminded me of this little anecdote from something like 25 years ago, and this certainly wasn’t my childhood – god I’m old.

Back then I worked as an on-site caretaker and bookkeeper for a humane society, and I owned a pair of birds at that time, both adopted from the animal shelter: a cockatiel named Rio, and a conure named read more

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