Nag time

I was going to call this simply, “Reminders,” but I like this better.

The first is, are you prepared for All Hallows Read? You should be – I’ve featured it here often enough. Last year was, of course, a bust because no one was trick-or-treating, nor should they have been so, good read more

No one looks forward to this

… even the people that benefit the most from it – you’ll know why in a second, or if you’ve been paying attention to the past years’ posts on the sidebar there.

Yes indeed, Friday, October 15th is National Grouch Day, so you have plenty of time to prepare read more

Podcast: International Podcast Day

I knew this was coming for a week, and still wasn’t prepared, but it’s been that kind of month. So I kept it short, anyway.

Walkabout podcast – International Podcast Day

I know, I know, you’re a little skeptical about this, given the perhaps slightly questionable authenticity of read more

It’s been too long

Really, we should be celebrating this at least every year, but perhaps a couple of times each, it’s that good of a holiday. Of course, I’m talking about Beware of Strangers Baring Gifs Day, which we somehow missed last year, and I do apologize. Hence, read more

Tuesday color

I’m in the middle of a couple of projects, plus there hasn’t been a lot to shoot, plus I did enough posts this year not to worry about it, so it’ll be a little slow here on the ol’ bloggoboro. I will probably have a podcast shortly, that I actually did research for (!) so take heart or something. But I’ve been looking at this leaf for a few days now, and decided read more

Dittyday 4: Ivan Neville

It’s been a while since the last installment, but then again, I never intended to be on any kind of schedule with this. Today we’re going to hear from a singer with a lot of musical background, having been in several different bands over the years (including the wonderfully named Dumpstaphunk,) but the two songs that I’m featuring here were from his solo career, peeking read more

Fixed that

There are a lot of blogs out there that amount to something only slightly more elaborate than a diary or journal, with a lot of personal examination and coping with issues and so on. I’m not disparaging these at all, because I’m sure they help a lot of people – it’s just never been for me. I don’t usually feel comfortable airing my personal issues here, and it’s read more

More of the shit I get up to

Back in 2015, I raised a question, or at least, pointed out that an answer could be determined, based on the details visible within a photo shown therein, reproduced in more detail below:

This was a photo that I took, with my cheesy little camera and crappy print film, while on a training seminar to Nashville, Tennessee, and in the post, I claimed that the date could be determined read more

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