Probably not many

Tomorrow, May 20th, is another holiday: Were Those Really Seeds Day?, the day we look at all those pots and patches we’ve been watering regularly and wonder whether those packets of tomato or lupine seeds that we got many weeks ago were actually seeds, or just sand and fine stream gravel, maybe the floor sweepings from some metal-working shop.

I admit that I’m not really cut out for gardening. read more

Poor planning

I’ve got some photos and video clips to upload, all taken today, but naturally the video needs a voiceover track and the 3D printer on my desk is grinding away right now, so I can’t record that bit just yet. They’ll all be along soon, but it will be tomorrow, even if it’s only an hour or two hence.

Yeah, I should have delayed starting the 3D job, but even the simple ones can read more

Because I like frustration, I guess

While going through several older slides and pages of negatives, I decided I’d sit down and catalog the various trips to Florida that I took, trying to tie rough dates to the countless images that I had. First off, let me say that what I’m referring to are the trips taken while I resided in North Carolina I’d lived in Florida from 2002 to 2004, and did read more

Have to keep you informed

Just so you know, a year ago today I had the 2,000th post here on Walkabout, and this – this is the 2,285th.

That means that, should I keep this rate up, it’ll only be 2½ more years to reach the 3,000th post! The time just flies by, doesn’t it?

Regrettably, I have not gone back to redo the theme music despite intentions – I had set it aside after that post for a breather, read more

Had I known…

Today, I suddenly discover, is a holiday, though why anyone would want to celebrate this is beyond me, but it’s Take Far Longer On A Project Than Planned And Ruin Your Schedule Day, which is why you’re seeing this here instead of another proper post. That’ll arrive shortly, but longer than I have left in the day, so shortly, tomorrow.

Don’t you just love downloading an updated read more

Dittyday 6: The Motels

Just so you know, this one was brought to mind, and eventually found its way here, because of a lyrics quiz.*

The Motels are a band that barely escaped ‘one-hit wonder’ status in the early eighties, mostly by having two songs that became popular, but part of this was because these songs departed from their normal style their other work, or at least everything read more

Down a notch

Man. I thought I was so slick…

So, one of the things that I’ve started doing again in my spare time is model kits. It’s something I used to do in my younger days and slowly got away from, then many of my materials dispersed. But I still had the interest, and a handful of kits awaiting my attention part of the holdup was simply that I’ve gotten too particular read more

A little discipline

“Alright, you mooks, close into formation, and let’s keep it tight!”

“What is this? If I wanted to command a bunch of grandmammas, I’d open a bingo parlor! I said tight!


“That’s better!”

[Just a couple of pics from today, down at Jordan Lake, as I get more of a post in order. These are double-crested cormorants, by the way, and I need to note read more

Will it work?

Ah, that’s the question, isn’t it? It’s taken a lot of prep work so far, and initial experiments have proven that the concept is sound, but will it pay off? We won’t know until at least tonight, possibly later.

At least none of the prep work will be wasted if the experiment fails, since it can all be used elsewhere. And it hasn’t cost me anything, except reducing my read more

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