Planning produces failure

Oh yes, oh yes, another holiday has come around, and hopefully you are totally unprepared for this one, because it’s Fuck Foresight Day, the day when we discover (hopefully, except, well, you know what I mean) that we didn’t think about consequences when we should’ve. If you’re on top of things running behind like you should be, you have no plans read more

You know I’m good for it

Two follow-ups for this post, both of which I came across early this morning. The first is frivolous yet still formed this trivial frustration to me for, um, a while. I mentioned in a previous post that there was this distinctive theme music to Mutual read more


So, at ten PM I realized that I had that last post to put up, and ten older posts to correct in the database (mostly page break stuff,) with commensurate corrections to the text files of each post that I maintain, and the database to download as a backup and archive, and check all six e-mail accounts through the webmail interface for things going into spam that shouldn’t have, all before my read more


I realize we’re in a culture that has more causes, charities, campaigns, and fundraisers for various ills than we can ever tabulate, and that this one is likely to pass under the radar, but seeing it in person is simply devastating. I’m talking, naturally (as always,) about Help Arthropod Color-Blindness Day, which is tomorrow (June 30th, in the Northwestern hemisphere read more

That kind of day

Today is the summer solstice, the longest period of daylight in the calendar year, as well as World Humanist Day – but I’m not posting about either of these (or much of anything, really.) It’s been raining for two days straight, which we’ve needed, which is a horribly adult thing to say – pathetic all around. But this means I’ve done very little read more

Sorting finds n+5, blurred bird edition

Scared up just a couple with the last big sort, and had a little bit of a theme going. What luck!

While down at the Neuse River, three great blue herons (Ardea herodias herodias) were visible simultaneously at three different compass points, though most images of them were lackluster. This one, however, gained some action points when doing a quick shake to settle its feathers. read more

To be improved upon

This is just an initial experiment, which admittedly came up promising, but I’m aiming for better.

The beginnings of the idea have been kicking around in my head for ages, but then this variation came up just a few days ago, and I finally got the chance to pursue it. There’s been some faint color tweaking done to this frame, but otherwise it’s unaltered.

The most realistic-looking read more

Days late, but in the spirit anyway

I regret to tell you that I missed a recent holiday, which actually fell on the 18th: Use Something For Other Than Its Intended Purpose Day. The Manatee made me aware of it back then, and celebrated it handily by propping open a window with a license plate – only amateurs read more

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