Pop Park

That’s right, boysengurls, another holiday has emerged from wherever holidays go where they’re not here – Des Moines, perhaps – and so we welcome it with open source and a glad bag, because it’s MacArthur Muzik Day, which means that we must work at least three quotes from the lyrics of Pop Muzik or MacArthur Park into our conversations read more

Just once, part 8

So not only has this species only appeared once before here, I’ve only seen them once in my entire life (in the wild anyway,) despite the fact that they’re supposed to be quite common. So I was delighted to spot this eastern kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula) just snoozing out in the open in a heavily wooded spot alongside Jordan Lake, but it also was amazingly read more

Living in the past XXIX

Things are still slow on the nature photography end, and even I won’t post about hashing out designs for the 3D printer (there – we found a limit to what I’ll post happy now?) So I’m bringing up one of the entries I had in reserve, if needed, to bring the count up last year and make a meaningless anniversary, while we wait for more current items of interest.

2016 read more

Just once, part 7

This post has changed a bit. First, I had a subject that I realized would fit better later on in the year, and so I rescheduled it. Then I chose another subject, but as I was finalizing that draft, I noticed that it was going to post on a holiday, and thought I might be able to find something more appropriate, and pushed that one to next week. So at least we now have something read more

Walkabout recommends: Under Fire

For our second obscure sleeper, we have Nick Nolte again, with Joanna Cassidy and Gene Hackman, in a 1983 film about the civil unrest in Nicaragua in 1979 and the American journalists assigned to cover the events. The film is not billed as “based on a true story” and is distinctly a dramatization, but the events that are covered are historical, and there’s a key bit that mirrors read more

Better to be prepared…

After realizing that I could use some enhancements to my shooting rig for a particular topic, I ended up designing and making them in record time. And to my own surprise, they work quite well, with fewer issues and modifications than I thought I’d need. I present to you the tactical special ops night stalker imaging rig, the Beav Team Six:

Actually, it’s missing the Vivitar read more

The debt we all owe

One of the things that we get to do here is recognize the unsung heroes of our world, the ones who by all rights should have a holiday of their own but have somehow been missed. And today, on the 75th anniversary of the first time he was laughed at in public, we review the contribution of Bumfester Chugtrollop, the inventor of the photographer’s vest.

First, we need a little history of the read more


It’s slow right now, with nothing to see, no reason to go out, and so on. About the best I can say is that the avocado trees (three of them, all started from pits) are absolutely delighted with the greenhouse and have been growing exuberantly therein. I almost wish I had done a time-lapse sequence of them…

But otherwise, there’s little to appear here, and so, I’m tackling read more

Two down, or up or something

Just a small moment of triumph, kinda. With the reformatting of the main computer under Ubuntu Studio now (a form of Linux operating system,) I had to reinstall several different things that I’d been using, and among them was the MIDI keyboard. MIDI is just a musical interface to take an electronic input (such as a small read more

More exciting behind-the-scenes schtuff!

Think I’m overselling it?

It’s still winter anyway, and I’m not going to be out shooting anything unless we get some snow. I’ve been spending the time tweaking the computer and cleaning up some odds and ends, and among those was correcting some typos in the blog tags. Mind you, I correct typos in the posts themselves too (when I’m aware that they’re there – read more

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