Posts that reflect an earthier sense of humor, or the less savory aspects of natural behavior, or just an obscene gesture to people who are too uptight. This almost certainly isn’t all of them, since I created this page late and add to it as I rediscover such posts. Chronological order, because I can’t pick favorites.

What do nature photographers do at night? – Well, some of the things…
Categories: Humor, Nature, Photography, Science & Evolution

Much ado about “fucking” – Yeah, South Park already did this, but…
Categories: Critical Thinking, Random, Rants

I had to – Watching mantids eat, part I.
Categories: Nature, Photography

All the answers – The intersection of religion and science.
Categories: Humor, Random

Booger nights – You can’t have subjects like this and maintain a professional demeanor.
Categories: Humor, Nature, Photography

The struggle for an appropriate title – Not what you’re expecting.
Categories: Humor, Random

Chow’s on! – Watching mantids eat, part II.
Categories: Nature, Photography

She has a great personality – This doesn’t belong here – it’s a lovely portrait…
Categories: Nature, Photography

Hollywood agendas – Who will protect us?
Categories: Humor, Nature, Photography, Random, Rants

Get your mind out of the gutter – But don’t lose your head over it.
Categories: Nature, Photography

The unwanted and uncalled-for sequel – To one of the above; I’m not telling you which.
Categories: Humor, Nature, Photography, Video

Last Night 2: Cruise Control – Walk around barefoot at your own peril.
Categories: Humor, Nature, Photography

Profiles of Nature 28 – I mean, most of the ‘Profiles of Nature’ belong here, but this one especially.
Categories: Humor, Nature, Photography

Did you eat already? – Watching mantids eat, part III.
Categories: Nature, Photography, Video