A brief reassurance that I’m here

With the computer being down and thus no decent way to unload photos, I simply avoided taking any until things were up to speed – which means that my first photos of 2016 weren’t taken until this morning! I’m as horrified as you. Well, okay, maybe not quite as horrified, but you’ve got competition, […]

A year-end retrospective

Two years ago at the last day of the year, I posted a series of pics intended for blog posts that had simply never made it, and I am doing the same again this time, with one small addition: I am posting a photo taken within each month, and adding a link to my […]

Monday color 45

As can be seen from recent posts, I’ve actually captured images with more color, but I chose this one because, as of publishing, it’s slightly over 11 hours old. The wild blue phlox (Phlox divaricata divaricata) that surrounds the Japanese maple right out front seems confused over the season, since it hasn’t produced any […]