A brief reassurance that I’m here

sleet-covered wild blue phlox Phlox divaricata divaricataWith the computer being down and thus no decent way to unload photos, I simply avoided taking any until things were up to speed – which means that my first photos of 2016 weren’t taken until this morning! I’m as horrified as you. Well, okay, maybe not quite as horrified, but you’ve got competition, anyway.

That photographable event this morning was snow flurries and sleet – nothing impressive at all, and to even see the snowflakes I would have had a few moments to catch them suspended in someone’s hair, since all other surfaces were too warm to sustain them. So I returned to the stalwart wild blue phlox plants (Phlox divaricata divaricata,) which are still pushing up daisies uh, blossoms, for some reason. A short distance away, the daffodils are making their appearance as well, though still a week or so away from blooming. I can’t really say why this should be happening; this is North Carolina, and it’s not like we don’t get patches of warm weather throughout the winter on any given year. They’ve been interspersed with sub-freezing periods too, especially overnight, so…

I’m still working on at least three other posts, though sporadically among other things that are taking up my time, but at least I have a working (and upgraded) computer now, with access to most of my necessary programs and files, so that’s one hurdle out of the way. I should get back into my irregular schedule soon.

In the meantime, another from this morning, going for the fartsy angle in the brief time that I was exposing the equipment (the camera equipment, filthy mind) to the elements. I’m not terribly excited about it either, but I needed the reminder of what buttons to push. This is what the Euonymus americanus (hearts-a-bustin’) tree looks like in the winter, as compared to mid-autumn.

sleet/rain on hearts-a-bustin' Euonymus americanus tree