SumbitchI’m making this post because I have to face up to my problems if I want to defeat them.

“Hi, my name is Al and my powers of observation suck.”

[Chorus] “Hi, Al.”

I took this image a week ago at the local botanical garden, when the light was less than optimal – just noodling around. And while I’m pleased with the effect, it was literally only a few minutes ago that I found the frog in the frame. Missed it entirely while I was hovering immediately overhead, and didn’t spot it during the initial proofing while unloading the memory, either.

I mean, I was looking right at that little reddish blossom, making it the pivot point of the image. How did I miss wildlife staring at me not 10cm away from it?

Yes, it’s subtle. I just always thought I was better at spotting things than this. I know there are always frogs in the ponds at that location, and approach slowly to try not to spook them off.

I’m just going to be touchy for a while…

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