My fellow Earthicans

spring budding leaves
Yes, the holiday season is upon us, and I hope everyone is enjoying the day off work. What’s that? You don’t get Earth Day off? Man, what kind of an asshole do you work for?

hoverfly Syrphidae on hairy-stem spiderwort Tradescantia hirsuticaulisWell, never mind that now. At some point, get out, relax, look around you, and soak in the nature. Or, if need be, visit Earth if you haven’t had the chance before – it’s probably the most interesting planet in the system, even if the natives can get pretty goofy.

You can do more than simply enjoy the day, if you like. There are lots of suggestions for environmentalism to be found with a quick web search, and it’s a good time to get the kids involved – in fact, it’s a great day to shut the smutphone off for a bit and get connected with everything else instead. Seriously, what are you doing still reading this post? Get out of here.

This is going up just after midnight, so while I did some shooting the day before, we’ll see what I end up with for Earth Day myself; it’s not like that isn’t what the whole site revolves around anyway. And naturally, there’s no reason to stick to just one day a year to get earth-conscious.

By the way – and I think it’s stupid that I even have to say this, yet it’s often necessary – but environmental awareness is not a political thing, nor does it deserve any label or association at all. Feel free to pass that along as needed. This planet is our home, the only one on the market, and it might be nice to retain a bit of equity from it, you know?

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