Do over

The Girlfriend’s Younger Sprog got in a very minor traffic accident today, which changed my plans for the day a little bit. Nothing serious, no one hurt, and minimal damage all around. However…

You (naturally) remember christmas two years back when she was presented with a topical tire cover for her newly-acquired car. So, guess what the only damage to the vehicle was?

Tardis tire cover casualtyI… just… [sigh]

As it is, The Girlfriend’s sea turtle tire cover (also at that link) has been showing its age, since these are only vinyl covers and it’s North Carolina – not as harsh as Florida would be, but close enough. So I’ve been planning on painting a new one for her anyway, and have been just trying to schedule it in. Now, it looks like I’ll be doing two. It isn’t a big issue – when I was first told about the accident, I figured I’d probably be replacing some lights and possibly doing some light body work, so this is nothing in comparison.

There are two little bright spots, though. The first is, the TARDIS was almost entirely careful masking, so it’s not that hard even though it’s a bit time-consuming. But the second is, I’ve been asked twice if I would paint one of these for someone else; I passed on the first, and gave a rough quote for the second. So it might just be that I pin down my time and procedures on this go-around, and offer it to others as well for a specific fee. It won’t be cheap – these are still hand-painted and take some time – but it might be a little sideline income. We’ll see what happens.

More coming shortly.

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