Sunday slide 21

unidentified dragonfly in short depth against bright background
I don’t even remember where I was when this was taken, but from the timeframe I suspect the head of the Neuse River, an area I used to frequent. The bright nature of the background caused it to almost blend in to the colors of the dragonfly – the wings are mostly transparent of course, but it almost appears as if the body is too. This is helped in no small part by being shot wide open at f2.8 with the Sigma 105 macro.

“Now hold on there, Mr. Pants-On-Fire,” you say, “how am I supposed to believe you can remember the lens and settings but somehow forget the locale?” That’s pretty rude of you, but I’ll tell you anyway: I don’t remember the lens and setting. I do remember what lenses I had to do this kind of work then, and the very short depth-of-field makes it clear that I was shooting with a very wide aperture; that makes it either the Sigma 105 macro or the Sigma 28-104 f2.8-4, and I almost certainly would have used the macro. So there.

This rounds out the color week nicely, even though technically it’s the next week now, which brings up something that I’d hinted at “yesterday.” I had actually been away this past week, out at the beach, and will have just a couple of pics to show for it. But I tend not to announce everything I’m doing online, especially something like, “the house will be empty,” and wanted a few things to post automatically in that time – I had internet access and could have done it more directly, but it was easier and more dependable to set up some to post on a schedule, and I used the color thing again. All of them were written well in advance – you couldn’t tell at all, could you? That’s what being a professional blogger is like…

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