Goodbye January, goodbye snow

snow in crooks of branches
I really shouldn’t say things like that – it’s virtually guaranteeing another snowstorm will roll in for February.

But having said that, now there can be no snowstorm, since I’m so confident there will be! Hah! Fate, you stand no chance with a grandmaster such as I!

[I was remarking to someone the other day about how silly the phrase, “tempting fate” was. It’s fate! It’s gonna happen whether you tempt it or not – that’s the definition. We really can’t even handle our own language, so we’re totally screwed if we ever meet up with extra-terrestrials…]

Anyway, it’s time for the month end abstract. Our abstract this month is brought to you by the letter ‘Sonofabitch,’ and was naturally taken following the big-ass winter storm that we got. These twigs were only a few millimeters in diameter and still collected a half-kilo of snow in a nice pattern to set off their alternation, so there we go. In fact, it’s one of the scenic pics I took while waiting for the brown-headed nuthatch to return, so it has served a double purpose. Its mother would be so proud…