You can count on me

It’s the fourth Thursday in April, and you know what that means? It means it’s Put Something Off Until The Last Minute Day, and so I’ll let you guess about what time this is actually posting on that date. Chances are, you’re not reading this soon enough that you can actually take advantage of it, unless your timing is good or you actually have this blog in an RSS feed – does anyone even use them anymore? Did anyone ever, especially for Walkabout here?

But hey, just in case: if you are reading this while it is still Thursday, you have a special opportunity. Drop me an e-mail before, oh, a certain amount of time passes, and I’ll send you a free 11×14 print of your choice. It’ll be our way of celebrating the holiday. Act now – e-mail servers are standing by!

backlit morning dew on dandelion blossom
This is another of the images that I decided against when doing the gallery updates, though it was close, and by no means intended to imply that this is the print you will get, I just wanted an image for this post, though if you like it then feel free, but otherwise you can have your choice, just drop me that e-mail and we’ll figure out what you want.