Just a little update

wheel bugs Arilus cristatus getting it on, I think
These are wheel bugs, so named because of that big cogwheel-like thing on their back, and seriously, don’t ask me what purpose that serves. But do you know what they’re doing?

They’re making a third wheel!

Okay, that was terrible, I admit it, but you already know that I can’t resist (don’t you like how I always make comments like that [and this], as if this blog has a following? I have an active fantasy life.) Plus the fact that wheel bugs actually produce a shitload of eggs at a time, so a more accurate comment would be about a third through 237th wheel. But what really happened was that I was going to include this image in the Latest Images gallery, but decided the caption was a little too long and unwieldy, which is what the blog is for. So here we are.

Which is a very left-handed way of saying that I finally updated the Latest Images gallery, after it sat dormant for [very embarrassing length of time redacted]. And part of the reason that I even got around to this now is that, I really have way too many images that I intend to feature here, and too little time to tackle them – so much so that they may be stretching into the winter. Which might be okay, given that I often have too little to post then, so I guess a backlog now is perhaps useful to some degree. Plus, you can be sitting home during an ice storm and hearing me complaining about the sweltering temperatures…

Anyway, I decided to dump some of the potential-post images into the Latest Images gallery and clear out the folder a little, but there are still quite a few left that deserve more than a brief caption, so the advantage was minimal, I think. It did not help that I noticed some html formatting errors which appeared here and there in the site while doing this, and that I had not updated the page on Composition posts in [another embarrassing period of time redacted]. They were bugging me, so they’re all fixed now, but it didn’t improve my posting schedule at all.

So basically, even if it seems like I’m not posting a lot, it’s due to time constraints and not a lack of photographic efforts or topics. Just be patient – you’ll get your money’s worth.