Not quite on top of it

I had gotten involved in other things this morning and wasn’t playing close attention to the time, and then suddenly realized that I was missing the solstice! So I grabbed the camera and dashed out to snag the shot, to salvage what I could.

just a grey sky - lol, as they say
This was actually nine minutes past the solstice time of 15:59 UTC, and as you can see, the sun is a few hundredths of an arcsecond higher than its lowest elevation for the year, but I’m counting on people that aren’t that well-versed in elevations (or believe that Walkabout Studios is further south than it is) to miss this detail.

Ah, who am I kidding? I blew it, and it’s obvious, so a real man would own it and embrace the shame, and do better next year.

Though in this case it really is The Girlfriend’s fault for interrupting me so often this morning…

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