Showers predicted, if it’s clear

There are two meteor showers peaking soon, the Delta Aquarids and the Alpha Capricornids, though both are taking place as you read this and have been for several days now – they tend to spread out a bit. Notably, the moon will be new on the 28th and is plenty dark now unless you’re up at like 4 AM, even then being a mere crescent, so provided the skies are clear in your area, the moon won’t be interfering at least.

Around here, the humidity might be, but I’ll still likely give it a try at some point. Neither shower is predicted to be elaborate, though the Delta Aquarids can sometimes leave momentary trails behind. We’re also overlapping the earlier stages of the Perseids, which typically perform better, but again, early stages – their peak falls around the time of the full moon in mid-August, so you might as well try now.

As always, I’ll be here to show you what I captured, if anything, but don’t get too excited – my past experiences haven’t been remarkable in any way. One of these days…