For the moment

juvenile wood duck Aix sponsa perched in Fort Fisher Aquarium
The Girlfriend and I just got back from a short trip and I have a few items to feature here, but also a few other things going on right now, so they will be a short while. [See title again], we have this juvenile wood duck (Aix sponsa) that required no particular nature photography skills, since it was taken within the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. And if you poke around for even a minute or so at that link, you’ll have an inkling of what’s in store.

I don’t really like aquariums for photography, since 80% of the exhibits are nigh impossible to get decent photos within, thus I’ve shot a lot less than normal for such a trip, but we were there largely to see their headline attractions, and those were photographically accessible, at least. Don’t touch that mouse!*

* You are not looking at this site on your phone, are you? Holy shit, stop playing with fucking toys and perform your web activities correctly. Sheesh.

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