Now, a little better news

Okay, as much as I shy away from things like this, I find that, if I’m reaching anyone at all with this blog, I am a little obligated to wield that power like a flaming sword of redemption try to alert this audience to some worthwhile goals. Skepticon IV is on its way, a skeptical convention (Ah! That’s where they got the name!) being held annually in Springfield, Missouri. The previous three grew remarkably fast, demonstrating that the appeal of critical-thinking is both distinctly present in this country, and growing.

Just recently, they received word that a matching grant was being made available by Polaris Financial Planning – but only if Skepticon meets their fundraising goal of $2,800 for the month of March. If not, zero funds from Polaris. This is doable, and a worthwhile challenge.

Now, you may have noticed that there are no ads on this site, and there never will be. Nor is there a paywall or anything else, which means that I ain’t receiving bupkiss for any of the effort I put into this. That’s okay, and has never been the goal – I write what interests and motivates me, and if you’re getting something out of it, cool! Sure, it’d be nice to get paid for it too, but that’s not the way the world works right now. Writing is a disposable pursuit anymore.

But, let me put this to you: If, at any point, you’ve read anything here that has struck you the right way, motivated you, entertained you, moved you, or even pissed you off royally, found some photo appealing or used some of my advice in that regard, then do me a small favor in return and throw a donation at Skepticon IV to help them meet their fundraising goal this month. Doesn’t matter how much – it’s more than they would have had before. Almost certainly, I’m not going to be able to attend (it’s one of the reasons I made the comment about distant events for the initial “Rock Beyond Belief” post,) but it would be great if I can help in this way. The matching grant makes your money go twice as far.

If you’re new to the site, I ask that you read ten posts, any ten, and if I haven’t reached you at that point, fair enough. I’ll try harder. But if you’ve gotten something out of the efforts I put into this, then kindly consider this my tip jar and accept my gratitude. I’m not affiliated with the event at all (maybe someday,) I just find this to be a great cause.

Also note that this is a monthly fundraising goal, and while the Polaris match is only for March, Skepticon still needs to keep it moving, so making this a regular habit wouldn’t hurt in the slightest. I’m betting I can spark your interest every month.

Thank you, very sincerely.