Away it goes

As always, I am here to keep you abreast of all the important holidays that people tend to forget, and so, tomorrow (that’s October 28th for all of you on smutphones) is Discard An Old Photo That You’re Never Gonna Use From The Blog Folder Day. Yep, it’s time to go through the gallery of stuff set aside for potential posts and pick an image that’s never going to have a use for any kind of post, and discard it without uploading. And so, we have my choice:

plume moth Platyptiliini
Shot over five years ago, I simply can’t find a decent excuse to post this image of some variety of plume moth, from the Tribe Platyptiliini, because entomologists like to pretend they have their own language – probably secret handshakes too. It’s just taking up space, so away it goes, never to appear here or even get uploaded to the blog server. Just as well, anyway, because it was starting to tempt me to make a throwaway post just for the sake of it. That’s one bullet dodged.

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