Kinda dark Wednesday

Skeptic magazine just wanted to screw with my timing, and immediately after I put up the last book review (previous post,) they started a five-day 25% off sale on everything in their store, which includes the book I just reviewed. Now through November 25th, you can purchase the hardcover version for $22.50. And they have plenty of other stuff too – a subscription is well worth the price, at the very least.

You may also want to check out this post by Donald Prothero himself (he blogs routinely for Skeptic magazine) on his fun producing a show for the BBC, taking on creationists face-to-face along with Jerry Coyne, Michael Russell, Tim White, and Greg Wilkerson. US residents can see the episode here, while UK residents can get it through the BBC site. I have yet to sit down and watch it, but by all accounts it’s pretty interesting.