They can’t all be March ’15

lone willet Tringa semipalmata on shoreline
Yeah, seven freakin’ years ago in March, I began the practice of the month-end abstract, though I didn’t know it at the time – it just kinda fell into place and became a (semi) regular feature. And truth be told, that first one still remains one of my favorite abstract images. This one here? Not so much, and not even too abstract at that, but it’s what we have for the month. Shot while out at Fort Fisher, NC, I went wide for the scenic/abstract nature of it, just capturing the isolation, but it’s not deep or poignant or eye-bending. We’re just using it to see June on its way, or welcome July, or note the middle of the year. Whatever you like. It’s a tradition now, and you don’t mess with tradition…

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