Changing perspective

I just find this amusing. The Girlfriend, like probably 85% of the world’s population, isn’t terribly fond of bugs, most especially not the big ones. But she’s watched me pursue numerous arthropodic subjects, and still finds fascination in the details revealed from macro work.

The net result of this is seen here, what I’m fairly certain is an Acanthocephala declivis, a variety of leaf-footed bug. The specimen is 30mm long, so not at all a small bug. The Girlfriend spotted it while out shopping one cold evening, sitting motionless on a sidewalk (the bug, not her.) Instead of stepping around (or on) it, she hunted about until she found a discarded drink cup, scooped it up, and brought it home for me to photograph. She had no knowledge of what it actually was, no idea of defensive mechanism or potential nastiness, but she knew I’d like it. Not to mention that it’s no longer the season for such subjects and my photography is slowing down commensurately, so I’m happy to have something to work with.

Both images here are ‘studio’ shots, indoors with a cut stem from the forsythia bushes and a photo print of mine as the background; the lighting is a basic studio strobe primarily overhead, with a little slave strobe filling the shadows. There is a lot to be said for using lighting that runs from AC power, because otherwise I’m working the hell out of my rechargeable batteries.

Anyway, if your Significant Other isn’t really into your photographic pursuits, be patient – you never know what might change. I have to admit that The Girlfriend still isn’t up to going on bug hunts with me, and won’t act as a snake wrangler. Yet.

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