Minor updates

While I pay no attention to the news, I’m still hearing about the impending winter storms across much of the US, and this coincides with one of the posts from two years ago in the sidebar. So, while I was doing some of the year end updates on the calendar and such, I decided to add two pages to the Tips Gallery. Should you be among those who witness a winter storm and still want to get out and photograph something, there is now a page on cold weather photography available. This actually contains more info than the original post.

For all the southern hemispherans, there’s a page on hot weather tips as well. Even if you’re not from the southern half of the planet, you can still go there and reminisce about sweltering days.

The calendar has been mostly updated now, and the page on how to create your own guide to local sun & moon rising & setting times.

One more page is on the way, but I have to stage some more photos for it so it’ll still be a few days yet. It’s relevant to about half of the posts that I make here, so if you’re still around, you stand a good chance of finding it interesting. Stay tuned.