Earth rules!

NagsHeadBreakerIt’s Earth Day, the day we celebrate our planet’s independence from the Barren Hegemony of the Solar System! It was a hard fought battle, especially since there was no one to fight it, but we (well, not specifically us; the planet, anyway) persevered!

We typically celebrate our defiant animus by going outside and gloating. Admittedly, some people (you know, them) do things like use less electricity, plant trees, make efforts to recycle materials, and other eco-friendly activities, as if this is the only day they should be doing them – yeah, I know it’s odd, but there are self-centered people out there. Regardless, get outside and shake your fist at the general universe, unless someone can see you, in which case do it only, like, in spirit. Whatever that takes – I don’t think it necessarily involves an out-of-body experience, but this isn’t precluded either, as far as I know.

In the event that you cannot express your Terran Heritage effectively (for instance, you have an asshole boss who wants some work to get done or something insipid like that,) relax – you can actually celebrate Earth Day any day, or even every day if that suits you. Compared to the other planets we know, this one’s actually pretty cool (well, okay, it’s warmer than most, and certainly more hospitable.) Just get out when you can and, as an exercise, try to find a spot where the natural stuff overwhelms the manmade stuff by the greatest margin.

I may be back later on with anything I’ve found, provided my sinuses can weather the assault – right at the moment, I am besieged by some of the most potent allergens I’ve ever encountered, courtesy of the recent rains I think. But even if it’s not today, I’ll be back with something appropriate a little later on. Don’t wait for me, however – get your own Earth-On.

Yes, that’s me, illustrating the drop-offs visible along much of the Blue Ridge Parkway, meaning I did a “mountain to sea” thing with the images for this post, while remaining within North Carolina too. Clever, I know.