I suppose you find that funny

So, I met a student in the local botanical garden this morning, and afterward took a couple of passes through the garden to see what there was to chase. I have a post in draft form, coming soon, that’s going to have a few images of jumping spiders, plus a whole collection of other recent pics – they’re primarily what I’ve been seeing lately. Thus, if anything, I’d pass on jumping spiders in favor of something else.

Naturally, I glance down and find my friend here, dancing around idly on the flash unit, meaning I wouldn’t be able to use the flash for any images, so no smaller aperture for higher depth-of-field. She was cooperative enough to stay put as I disconnected the camera from the flash bracket, and despite the poor natural light, I still got one frame that was pretty sharp, wide open at f4, while holding the bracket in my left hand (meaning a double-handheld shot.) Once I’d coaxed her onto the rosemary nearby, she vanished completely, so no chances for further compositions.

Did the spider know that she was making things difficult? Was I being mocked? Oh, I have no doubts at all – note the impish look on her face…