A bit more useful

Feeling bad about not illustrating scale very well a few posts back, I revisited the same subjects (well, two of the three) to do a better job. And got a bonus as well.

This still remains kind of a pain in the ass, however – closeup video at night has a lot of issues, and the 7D really isn’t optimized for this. But it’ll be a long time (e.g., significant income) before I decide to upgrade to serious video equipment, so this is what we have for now.

A small side note: At one point the other day, I’d seen a bird dart over to snag something near the Japanese maple that has been hosting the anoles, actually crashing against one of the low branches that I’d seen an anole on, and I was a little worried that the bird has just snagged my photo subject, though I’d checked carefully only minutes before and saw no sign of it nearby; more likely the bird was after a dragonfly. Still, this is what happens in nature, so we’ll see how long and how often I can find any of these again.

I have other video coming up soon-ish – still hoping to get some more clips to add to it. You know where to find it when it appears.