More my style

RedOverlookIn recognition (or defense) of the previous post, I’m much more used to expressing myself in this manner, letting nature take most of the credit. Anyone is free to ascribe their own words, feelings, or impressions to the images. Granted, it’s strictly visual, which might be considered lacking if someone didn’t have their own experiences with autumn, but in all other cases, our associative minds can take the visual input and conjure up the sounds, smells, and even temperatures that are cataloged right alongside.

Sometimes it’s even better this way, since we have a tendency to emphasize the oncoming winter, or shorter days, or the dreaded football season, missing the more pleasant aspects of the season. If I can remind anyone of these (in whatever manner) and make it seem a little better, then I’m happy.

To a degree, anyway. I don’t like the cold weather or the dearth of photo subjects either ;-)