Semi-cooperative eagles

I originally considered them uncooperative eagles, but realized that was being unfair. And then as I type this, I recognize that assigning them any level of cooperation is unfair and a stupid human perspective, because they simply don’t give a shit and are going about their days, but I digress.

These all came from an outing with The Immaculate Mr Bugg… psssfffhh, thirteen days read more

Less than a week

All of these photos were taken a week ago, except not quite – it was Saturday morning, but around sunrise, and this is posting well before sunrise. Just to take that accusatory tone away from you.

I won’t say it was a great outing, given that the sunrise didn’t perform worth a doodle and the bird activity was kind of sparse, but we (meaning the Incalculable Mr Bugg and I) still read more

No, no, October no home

Despite seeing the car in the driveway and lights on upstairs, we’re told that October has left the premises, and so we have no choice but to dig out the end-of-month abstract images to placate us. And what might these be, you say? [That was your cue, go ahead – time is money, sweetheart.] Why, they look a little something like this:

I should probably know what this tree read more

Tripod holes 40

N 36°20’21.02″ W 80°27’23.86″ Google Earth location

The location plotted is pretty precise for exactly this vantage, but the timing – ah, that’s up to you! The autumn colors weren’t quite at peak, which is a damn hard thing to schedule when you live two hours away from the location, but I got close enough this day back in 2005 – November 6th, read more

Oh, yeah, September

Rather abruptly I realized, just a short while ago, that it was the last day of September and thus time for the end-of-month abstract. Only thing was, I didn’t have anything in mind, much less prepared, and couldn’t do a lot to remedy this situation, because the computer has once again gone spacey and I’m in the process of unspaceying it. So we’re going with read more

Oh, I can’t decide

While on a quest last week, which I’ll go into later, I got three very similar images faintly representative of autumn, and I’m agonizing over which is the best one to feature. So I’m putting them all up, and encouraging you to pick your favorite and ignore the others.

These are all on Morgan Creek in Chapel Hill, which ran behind the apartment complex that I lived read more

Obligatory colors

I’m not quite going to make a post for each day of October with this, though it comes close, plus I still have plenty of photos to unload, but I’ll set a record for the year of uploaded images. Makes up for September being so slow at least. So let’s take a look at the autumn colors captured so far, with the idea that I may still have some more soon.

Above, the American sweetgum read more

November, git!

As we look out the back window and find November once again getting into the trash, we send it on its way with a shout and a well-aimed pine cone. Yes, it’s the end of the month, and time for our abstract. Would you like to hazard a guess as to what it will be?

Never mind, nobody likes guessing games. It’s this:

The original framing was wider than this, but as I saw the read more

Count on, and with, me

Yesterday I said I was eyeing a record for photos this year, but was running a little behind on what should be a fairly intensive end stretch. That had nothing to do with this. Nothing!

Okay, maybe a little…

I also mentioned needing to go around and chase fall colors, and so I did, kinda. I never left the yard today (well, yesterday now,) but found a decent selection nonetheless.

We read more

The days of yore, part five

Admittedly, these photos are not from very long ago at all – slightly over a week, to be forthright – so this isn’t terribly yorey, but that’s the title I’m going with. Mostly, I’m doing a little catchup from the past few weeks of thin posts while I tackled numerous other things, but really, I wasn’t shooting then either, so we have just read more

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