Stupid atheists

Jon Rosenberg at Scenes From A Multiverse is picking at scabs (click for complete version):
This… is totes uncalled for! Atheists are level-headed, fair, well-adjusted individuals, and none of them would ever get cranky because a favorite whipping boy turned respectable.

Good thing he hasn’t, then…

Actually, and it’s stupid that I even have to say this yet it’ll be news to some, but atheists are as varied as any other group (except Apple users,) and while I haven’t actually seen an example of this behavior myself, I’m sure it exists. Others, meanwhile, are pleased that the new pope is much more mellow than the previous one, and still others (ahem) shrug and don’t really care, since the whole edifice is one huge joke. But I’d love to hear some of the e-mails of protest Rosenberg receives anyway.

If you’re not going to Scenes From A Multiverse regularly, I am most disappointed in you, because I’ve directed you there before and now I know you’re mocking me like a rebellious teen (which is redundant, true.) It’s like Family Circus Without Family Circus, which is to say nothing at all like Family Circus – Rosenberg is actually clever and original, and puts a lot of effort into his drawing. Even when he stoops to cheap shots…

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