Everything’s shiny

Came across this, courtesy of artist Otis Frampton, and had to share. He has more, but this is clearly the best.

C Is For Canceled by OtisFrampton on deviantART

If you don’t get it, then you’re… how shall I say this politely? Your kind don’t belong around here.

Ah, who am I trying to kid? I came late to the whole thing myself, regrettably, since television networks are notoriously bad about doing good science fiction, and the one time they get it right it gets cancelled without making it through the first season. It was years afterward that I watched Serenity, afterward purchasing the Firefly boxed set. The amusing bit is, even The Girlfriend likes the series, and she doesn’t like science fiction at all. Come to think of it, I haven’t asked her what she thinks of westerns…

A lot of the credit must, naturally, go to the writers*, the ones responsible for the dialogue that makes it what it is:

You may not think much of the series, and that’s fine, really. You have to live with your inadequacies, not me.

* They would be Cheryl Cain, Ben Edlund, Jane Espenson, Drew Z. Greenberg, Brett Matthews, Tim Minear, Jose Molina, and Joss Whedon.