Have to keep you informed

Just so you know, a year ago today I had the 2,000th post here on Walkabout, and this – this is the 2,285th.

That means that, should I keep this rate up, it’ll only be 2½ more years to reach the 3,000th post! The time just flies by, doesn’t it?

Regrettably, I have not gone back to redo the theme music despite intentions – I had set it aside after that post for a breather, which is apparently still taking place. This is in the face of reminding myself, every time I use it for a podcast or video, that I want to redo it. Boy, that just ruined the high that I had from the post count…

But while we’re here, have a pic, from six years ago today – ah, I remember it well!

eastern tiger swallowtail Papilio glaucus on Bartlett pear blossoms
[No I don’t…]