A surreal break

surreal bubbles in pan
Actually, this is intended as more of a break for me than for you, necessarily, but feel free to take advantage of it if you need to. Posting has been slow because I’m working on a project that I’d aimed to finish today (I’m close,) and so I’ve been putting my attention elsewhere. I know – the arrogance, right?

You are welcome to guess at what you’re seeing here, but you’re never gonna get it anyway, so I’m not going to wait and keep telling you, “Nope,” every time, so here it is: it’s the pan from a rice dish The Girlfriend prepared tonight, soaking in water because some of the rice stuck to the bottom, and the water floated the oil from the dish to the top – that’s all the little circles you’re seeing. I boosted contrast a bit for a more dramatic effect.

It’s even more disturbing when the pan moved, because the bubbles would swing back and forth separately and shift position amongst themselves, just to screw with my eyes.

I’ll be back shortly to tell you about the project, unless I get some other weird photo in the interim.

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