Monday color 17

unidentified yellow newborn spiders in protective cluster
The purpose of these weekly posts was to present a splash of color, originally in the winter when such was scarce, but either way just as a cheery visual thing. I’m not sure how well this works when the color is from a cluster of tiny spiderlings, but if you haven’t determined this about me by now, well, it’s par for the course.

I haven’t identified these, but they look to me like a type of orb weaver – there’s a species that’s very common around here that I’ve photographed countless times, but it seems I’ve never posted a photo of such so I can’t point you to what I suspect the adults look like. That’s okay – you wouldn’t have gone there anyway.

It was an interesting sight when I found it while on a hike, a ball of yellow suspended in midair among the leaves. Without the macro lighting rig, I shot a few frames freehand in natural light and got a few keepers, so, lucky you.

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