Monday color, uh, 48?

pink azaleas or something against blue skyWow, I really dropped the ball on this one! Seems I simply forgot to post Monday color since, oh, the beginning of the year.

Okay, fine, it was an exercise begun in winter a year ago, that carried over throughout the rest of the year, and that I simply let slide in 2016. But I’ll still occasionally get some images that work almost entirely because of their palette (or at least I think so,) and then they’ll get posted here. Sometimes perhaps even on a Monday. Since I haven’t been posting as much and my time to work on such is more sporadic now, I should probably be making more use of images that don’t need a lot of additional text or research.

These azaleas (I think) were from a trip to the NC Botanical Garden, which provided more photos that will be along eventually. Be patient.