Real quick

marbled orb weaver Araneus marmoreus on black leafFirst off, you do know Halloween is coming, right? This little lady seems to…

I know, after claiming I could completely blow off the blog in the last post, I pretty much completely blew off the blog, a demonstration of dependability from me that is entirely unprecedented – it just took the right motivation. More is coming shortly, since I have some recent pics to feature, but first is a trivial post, and Monday color again.

Fall colors are not quite up to snuff yet, but a photo outing this morning netted this marbled orb weaver (Araneus marmoreus) being shy on a dead leaf while still providing a nice portrait angle. Right away, I was thinking how similar it is to a photo shot two years ago, one that I recall easily since it happens to be a favorite of mine (soon to be added to the main site gallery.) And to be honest, I’m pretty sure it’s the same plant species, just one I haven’t pinned down yet.

These spiders, with an abdomen about the size of a grape, could be found everywhere down at the river, one of the few species that wanted to show itself today (and you’re going to see at least one more of them later.) I have barely seen them anywhere else at all, so I’m guessing a few hatchings in the right conditions caused the species to become prevalent in that particular region. But then again, that’s just uneducated me talking.

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