I don’t wanna!

If it seems like too many posts recently are quick little trivial things, kinda hit-and-run offerings, well, there’s a few reasons for that. If you haven’t noticed, stop reading right here and, uh, wait a bit for the next post. But anyway, as an explanation, there’s been an awful lot going on, without much of it being blogworthy, while the appearance of decent photo subjects has been particularly slow this spring. Meanwhile, when I do actually get something to write about, I really don’t have the time to do so. I don’t want to leave the blog lacking in this manner, but haven’t been able to correct that yet.

Which means I’m here to say, it’s going to go on at least a little bit longer, but hopefully not too much. And I not only have subjects for two posts already lined up, I expect to have at least a few more on top of those coming in pretty soon. In there is a known podcast, and the potential for more. And lotsa pics. Maybe even some that aren’t creepy…

In the interim, I leave a little teaser, what I had initially identified as a pond slider or yellow-bellied slider, but instead believe is a river cooter (Pseudemys concinna) – a juvenile at that, peeking out from the water suspiciously before climbing onto that rock to bask. Just one of a handful of subjects from a recent outing, which will be elaborated upon soonest.

juvenile river cooter Pseudemys concinna peeking from water