I’m getting old

Seriously. I can’t find an excuse for this.

I just finished typing up a lengthy post about a particular topic, and as I was viewing the penultimate draft, I decided to click on one of the links at the bottom – you know, the ones that show potentially related content? Only to find that I had already tackled pretty much the exact same details in the earlier post.

Now, I might have felt better about this, if the previous one had not been from a mere 40 days ago! I’m fine with revisiting topics that I covered several years back, or if something relevant appeared recently, but this one’s still lukewarm! Worse, I really wasn’t registering that I’d just covered all the points that I spent a couple of hours typing up. It’s a little scary.

This is one of the problems with maintaining a blog; sometimes it’s a struggle to find something interesting that you haven’t already done, and I understand why a lot of people have simply bowed out of the game. I’ve slowed down a bit on my pseudo-philosophical posts, at least to my perception, because I’m not finding that many new topics to talk about. And this is not a good thing as winter rolls in, since filling in with bugs is a lot harder right now.

But at least I caught it, so there’s that. In the future, I could do some searches on keywords and make sure that I didn’t already do the same damn thing yesterday. If I remember to…

Or I could get rid of that related-posts widget below, and at least avoid linking directly to them.