So, in previous posts I’ve made mention of several projects, and this is to announce that one of them, at least, has come to completion. If you think some of my topics don’t seem to fit with the nature of the website, this one’s going to be even worse.

I have just finished off my novelization of The Road Warrior, the 1982 film with Mel Gibson, and it is available as a free download. “Wait, what? 1982? Were you etching it in stone?” you say disparagingly. No, actually, the writing went fairly well, all things considered. I’ve had the project in the back of my head for years, because I’ve always liked the film and wanted to write up my treatment of it, including several of the nuances that I perceived therein, but never got a start – until the news of Mad Max: Fury Road came along. It was clear from the first available trailer that it was a reworking of the same film, and so I was prodded to write the book before the new version butchered it overwhelmed it offered a different take. My deadline was the first of May for everything, which I didn’t quite make, but my first fine draft was completed by then at least. In the interim, I’ve done the second (as it is now, final) draft and converted it to downloadable formats. So, since you’re here and have, at least, some interest in what I’m writing, go here to find a copy for yourself.

There wasn’t an overriding purpose to this, except to see if I could do a novel-length piece and make it coherent – like a lot of the blog, it’s a writing exercise among other things. Since I do not own the rights and have not obtained permission, I cannot charge for it, not like I would have made anything off of it anyway. But it also serves as an example of my long-form writing, and I’m pleased with it myself. Later on, I might be less so, so read it now while it’s still good.

If you have never seen the film, all the better – I’d be delighted to hear how the story works for anyone who is not able to judge it against the movie. It’s a tender, touching love story, lighthearted and full of cheer. Okay, that’s probably not going to help at all…

We return to more typical blog content shortly.

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