Wake up, sheeple!

bumblebee on flowerIt seemed like any other day where I’d been neglecting my photo sorting duties and thus facing the daunting task of going through hundreds of images, but as they say, things can seem perfectly normal (if slightly guilty) yet suddenly turn dark and ominous. And of course, since I’d been putting this off, how much time has passed that could have made a bigger difference? How much farther along in an undoubtedly sinister plan have we been carried, due to my neglect? Or are we in the nick of time, now aware of something that might easily have passed, quite literally, under our noses?

I was going through the images of a bumblebee visiting a curious white flower, gathering nectar while distributing, as only an incidental by-product of the activity, pollen among the blooms. As part of my method of determining critical sharpness, I was examining the photos at high magnification – those that were too blurry under these circumstances would be discarded. And suddenly, right there in front of me, the secret was laid bare. Nothing can describe the shock that washed over me, the sudden shiver that caused my glasses to fall askew and knocked my R2-D2 mug over, spilling pens everywhere. In a moment, I was deep in the conspiracy, acutely aware that forces beyond my imagination were at work, industriously forging towards some unfathomable goal. And the responsibility to alert everyone, anyone, else rested solely on my shoulders, purely by happenstance. Naturally, a blog is the most efficient method of disseminating such crucial information. I wouldn’t expect anyone to believe me based only on my word, so I present the visual evidence, damning as it is.

There can be no mistake
It’s undeniable: what I took to be an average bumblebee foraging among the blooms was in reality a person dressed in a bumblebee suit. Had the disguise not slipped at the neckline, it could have gone completely unnoticed.

Complacency is our enemy, people! Get the word out at every opportunity – we ignore this cabal at our peril. Maybe this is just the first wave, or maybe there are no more genuine bumblebees left. Either way, it’s up to us.

If I disappear, rest assured there are contingencies in place, packages left in safe locations. This secret will not die with me.